Awesome vs. Average

Average is becoming the new normal.

So many people don’t even realize it. How many days out of the week are you doing something awesome?

Most people just go about their day, wishing for the weekend to come.

That’s no way to go through life. I’m not here to preach on what is awesome for you, but for most people I can confidently say that doesn’t make them feel awesome.

I don’t mean you need to be doing groundbreaking things every single day, I just want you to do 1 thing every day that makes you feel awesome.

That adds up to a lot of stuff.

For me this kind of thing revolves a lot around fitness, around helping people and around spending good time with my family and friends.

If I do one of those things every day, then I feel awesome.

Lift a heavy weight.

Perform an exercise you’ve never done before

Eat healthy, nutritious food for the entire day

Get 8 hours of sleep

Call someone up and chat, just because

Eat dinner with your family

Spend time with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend (turn off your phones too)

Smile at a stranger (seriously, it’s so much better than the typical stares and scowls you get in the grocery store normally)

Stand up for yourself

It’s the little stuff that adds up to a lot of awesome.

Don’t fall into the average person track that becomes numb to the daily grind. Take care of your body and your relationships.

Make awesome the new normal.

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