5 Little Known Ways to Slim Your Stomach

A personal training post by Cambridge owner Callie Durbrow

Does it really matter where you have body fat?

I always speak about losing fat and how your body can’t “spot reduce” meaning you can’t lose just your belly fat or just your upper arm fat. Your body will shed that fat pretty much at the same time. However, where you have the most concentration of fat WILL take the longest, because you have to shrink those fat cells and if there are more of them, it takes longer. Pretty logical.

Although we know that you can’t spot reduce, there is a lot of research out there regarding WHERE you hold your fat and WHAT it means. Certain sites on your body reveal dominance of various hormones. Here’s a look at what I mean:

Chest (1″ from armpit) = high estrogen
Tricep (back of the arm) = elevated insulin or low DHEA-s (the major secretory steroidal product of adrenal glands)
Scapula (upper back) = high insulin and/or high testosterone, possible inability to tolerate carbs
Mid-axillary (rib-cage area) = possibly thyroid issue
Muffin top = insulin and blood sugar imbalances (too many carbs, calories, excess alcohol)

Abs = long term exposure to stress/high cortisol levels
Quads or Hamstrings (front and back of legs) = long term exposure to estrogen, high estrogen levels or low progesterone
Around the knee = low growth hormone, possible need to detox the liver

One simple thing that we have implemented at our personal training studio is a 5 day detox. This isn’t a crazy pill or something designed to get you to lose weight super fast.

Some of the major goals of our detox are to:

1. Fix your broken metabolism
2. Hormone regulation

  • improve insulin sensitivity
  • regulate estrogen levels (usually high)
  • decrease adrenal fatigue
  • decrease high cortisol levels

3. Detoxify your liver
4. Eliminate inflammation
5. Improve poor digestion

What does all of this mean?

The long and short is that these issues are things most people never know about or understand. That’s okay though, it’s not really something you would think about. But if you have one or all of them (very common) they WILL slow down your fat loss progress. Most likely your body will hold onto excessive fat and you’ll wonder why you’re not losing it.

What can you do? Well, our detox plan is pretty extensive but the process is quite simple. Here are some examples:

1. Cut out starches and sugars
2. Eliminate caffeine and alcohol
3. Integrate intermittent fasting to give your liver a break
4. Lift weights
5. Reduce stress
6. Sleep 7-9 hours per night
7. Drink plenty of water
8. Eat organic, green veggies
9. Take a daily vitamin, essential fatty acid and a probiotic

This may seem like a lengthly list of difficult things, but once you implement them into your life you will notice a huge difference. I wouldn’t recommend the detox without supervision and proper implementation but you can focus on upping your water intake, increasing veggies and getting more sleep.

Our personal training members are seeing awesome results and rocking their workouts with more energy than ever….

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