Somerville Training Spotlight Sunday: Lynn Walters Rekhi

I was always an active person, gymnastics in grade school, synchronized swimming in high school, yoga off and onbut then college and lots of subsequent restaurant jobs came along and took it’s toll. Then I moved out to Cambridge to go to grad school and while I walked every day, I worked two job and paid a lot for a gym membership that I didn’t use very often.  Then I paid a lot for a trainer, but I wasn’t seeing results since I only working out when I was with the trainer, and did the elliptical on other days…which is so boring, I had trouble getting myself to do it.

I am always on the go, two jobs, always busy, but I also love to cook and eat out often because of my busy schedule or because I am working in a restaurant.

Best changes are, I am stronger, all over. I can do things now that at the beginning seemed impossible. I have also overcome a lot of injuries, my hamstring injury from skiing almost never bugs me now, I am sure because my legs are so much stronger.  I also have crappy shoulders, and have gone from only being able to use a band to do overhead arm workouts to using a 25lb weight.  Core strength is awesome! Now I never do my pushups on my knees and I can do wheel rollouts on my toes! I have lost 9% body fat and over 30 inches overall.

I like box jumps, trap bar dead lifts or anything with barbells (esp the big ones)…it makes me feel strong and powerful, ab roll-out on the wheel and overhead push press because I can do them now and at the beginning I could not!  I hate gator walks, burpees and that up down ropes when I have to go on my knees and then get up again, but mostly because they make me sea sick.

I got my husband to join the gym too and now we make fitness a priority.  I never thought I could work out in the morning and now I love it! I wake up before my alarm and work out when my body is super rested but my mind is still asleep. I have a ton of energy for the day when I work out in the morning and I am not so tired at my workout that my form suffers for it like it does when I work out at the end of a work day.  We also eat a lot fewer carbs, especially bread and pasta. I always was a cook, and generally healthy eater, but now I am thinking more about what I put in my mouth and how much work it will take to recover from it.


Here’s Lynn in March of 2011

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Here’s Lynn in April 2013, Sporting Her Client of the Month T-Shirt

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Lynn and Rippi at their 2012 Wedding

Lynn and Rippi 300x199 Somerville Training Spotlight Sunday: Lynn Walters Rekhi