Cambridge Training Spotlight Sunday: LeighAnn Howland



Cambridge Fitness Training Spotlight Sunday

What’s up! Thanks for checking out another weekly version of our Spotlight Sunday. Today is a really special one for me, we’re featuring LeighAnn Howland in the hot seat. LeighAnn came to train with us during a transformation contest in early 2012 and the minute that I met her I knew this girl is going to be a rock star.

She told me how she had a photo of herself that she kinda hated that came up on her phone when her alarm went off. That was some motivation to get her out of bed for the gym.

Well since then she has been an amazing edition to our family, always working her butt off and helping others succeed. Her attitude and work ethic has been incredible for her success and so much fun to watch. Check out her story here….

I came to Durbrow Performance Training in January after watching my friend Amber’s transformation.  I had watched her status updates on Facebook and would sit on the couch and think how great it was.  Around Christmas I kept feeling my pants get tighter and tighter, and it wasn’t a good feeling.  I finally made the decision that my health should be worth much more to me than it was.  So when Amber posted about the January contest, I jumped at the chance.


My weight has fluctuated over my life… in high school I worked at an ice cream store and probably ate my body weight in ice cream each week.  After high school I would balloon up and then lose the weight, then repeat the process all over.  I remember trying on a pair of size 20 pants and leaving the dressing room in tears because they had fit.  At that moment I started my journey to take the weight off, and to do it the “right” way.

I started running, using the treadmill, using the elliptical.  The weight slowly came off, but I wasn’t really seeing the results I wanted.

I signed up and trained for a marathon and it gave me good results, but afterwards the results faded due to my high carb diet that wasn’t being offset by lots of long runs.


Starting at Durbrow Performance changed my entire view on how to exercise.  I LOVE my workouts at Durbrow.  I am amazed at what my body is able to do.  I remember doing the Valslide body saws for the first time and I thought my stomach was literally going to rip open… I couldn’t get through the 40 seconds.  I laugh because in that moment I had thought “when I can do this for 40 seconds, I’ll know I’ve made it.”

Now I can do them, and I absolutely love setting new goals for myself.  Achieving them is a feeling like no other!  I also love the feeling I get when I finish a 20 minute sprint interval workout at the gym and see the person next to me who has been pounding away on the treadmill for an hour and has no clue that I just got a WAY better workout.


All in all, I thank each and every person thats been in one of the classes I’ve attended, or has had a story on here because without the support of you all (and Callie and Emily of course!) I really wouldn’t have had the results that I’ve seen.  Its awesome to come work out with a group of people who I know are going to help encourage me, but also help push me.  🙂

Here’s LeighAnn in January of 2011……

LeighAnn before


Here’s LeighAnn in March of 2012….

LeighAnn after