Cambridge Fitness Boot Camp Client of the Month (July)

A Cambridge fitness post by boot camp owner Callie Durbrow

Our July Client of the Month…..


Congratulations to Amber Mills (now Amber Massaro) for winning our boot camp client of the month for July!

Amber has been training at Durbrow Performance since April and has seen amazing results in her short time. When she first began, core strength was a huge focus and she has improved that 100x….now the Valslides are not AS painful 🙂

Amber has also lost over 4% body fat and reshaped her body with over 10 inches lost.

She has been an amazing member of our team, always there with a positive word and a great smile no matter how challenging the workout. Amber is definitely one of those people you just enjoy being around and we’re so happy to hand over the black t-shirt to her.

Also, Amber celebrated her wedding just a few short weeks ago so congrats on that as well!

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