Cambridge Training Spotlight Sunday: Meagan Turner




Cambridge Training Spotlight Sunday: Meagan Turner

Check out our latest Spotlight Sunday featuring Meagan Turner. Meagan has been busting her ass at Durbrow Performance for just over a year and has improved her physique by losing fat and building muscle and becoming one of our strongest and hardest working clients. 

I have been active off and on for as long as I can remember, but I’ve always had a very short attention span.  I would get involved in a gym or class and be bored with it in less than a year and then I’d quit and get lazy until I found something else.  I was in a very deep rut health, motivation, and stamina wise when I started training with Durbrow Performance.  With my husband away, I was eating out every day and had been sedentary for at least a year.  I had gained a lot of weight for my frame and I had no endurance for the things I had loved to do.  I couldn’t even hike up my favorite trails without breaks and lots of panting.  The style of training at Durbrow Performance has kept me motivated with a steady rotation of routines with new and challenging exercises every few weeks.  It’s been a good way to keep me from getting bored.

Along with the body changes of close to 8% body fat lost I’ve noticed significant changes in my energy level.  I feel fit and strong and my body is the leanest it’s been since high school. Since reducing my sugar intake just a few weeks ago I’ve already lost another 5 pounds. 

I like the cardio intensive exercises like sprinting, kettlebell swings, prowler, burpees, box jumps and ropes.  I like how exhausted they make me feel at the time and how strong they’ve made me.

My lifestyle has changed so much. I am active every day now.  I actually feel like I’m cheating when I don’t workout.  I try to do some kind of workout each day, even if it’s a bit of yoga in the morning or a quick 20 min ab routine when I’m not training at the studio.
I’m able to hike, bike, and kayak without feeling exhausted.   I started counting my calories and limiting the number of restaurant meals each week.  My meals now consist mostly of whole foods.  I have removed all processed foods from my diet and pantry.  I’ve adopted your cheat day technique which helps limit the amount of junk I eat on a weekly basis, but also allows me to indulge in my favorite junk food once in a while.

I really appreciate the help and the training!  🙂

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