Cambridge Training April Client of the Month: Meagan Turner



Cambridge Personal Training Client of the Month

Congratulations to our April Client of the Month (albeit a little bit late on the blog post), Meagan Turner!

Meagan has been training with Durbrow Performance since March of 2011 and in that time has become one of our strongest and overall fittest members.

She is constantly pushing herself to get stronger and to challenge each exercise. A long time runner, she has also truly learned the value of strength and faster paced workouts.

Meagan has lost over 13 pounds of body fat on her already small frame and is always focused and driven during every workout. She’s been a great motivator to other members as well, pushing them to work harder, swing heavier kettlebells and even complete extra rounds of Burpees (even when they really don’t want to).

It’s always awesome having Meagan in class and watching her get better and stronger at some of her favorite exercises- Burpees, Pistol Squats and heavy Kettlebell Swings. We even got her to like the Prowler after a few runs…

Keep up the great work Meagan and congrats again!

Meagan Client of the Month