Cambridge Personal Training 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 15

A fat loss post by Cambridge personal training expert Callie Durbrow

How to Create the Life You Want in Less Time


Hey, I hope everything is going awesome for you….we’ve completed 2 full weeks of the Cambridge fat loss challenge. I’m so excited to be able to share all of this great information with you.

Remember that this is a process and if you just make a few changes each week it really adds up to some amazing lifestyle changes. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. Well I don’t know if anyone really says that but I digress….

Today I want to give you a cool little tactic that you can use to develop the ultimate positive attitude and along the way this will lead to faster fat loss and more confidence. It’s so simple but it really works in a cool way.

About 18 months ago I branched out and started my own training business. It was scary as all hell and I knew I needed some help with the business side. I hired some of the best fitness business coaches in the world (not cheap but you gotta pay to play!) and one of the first things we focused on was my mindset.

This is the foundation for ultimate success. If you have all the physical pieces in place, have all the finances available to purchase gym memberships or training or nutrition services and if you have carved out time to perform these activities then you’re all set, right?


If you are still engaging in negative self talk or “wanting” a better body then eventually you’re going to hit a plateau.

I know this sounds like it’s going to be a crazy woo-woo post, but trust me on this one. All you have to do is create the ultimate mindset every single morning. Eventually it will be second nature and you’ll feel like you can bust through any wall or challenge.

Here’s what I want you to do….write down the ideal picture of your body. What’s your weight? Waist size? Clothing size? Will you enjoy shopping for new clothes? How do you feel going out to parties? Do you enjoy food instead of being scared to gain weight?

Don’t leave anything out. Draw a mental picture and then write it all down. This is the first step to going after what you want to become instead of being in a constant state of “want.”

Next step is first thing in the morning pick a time (I do it when I’m brushing my teeth because I’m anal about it and spend like 3-4 minutes brushing) and visualize your life and your body as if you already have it. Think about how you’d act in social situations, how you’d feel going shopping, how you feel when you look in the mirror and smile.

Being in a constant state of “want” is horrible for your mind. You need to think about things like you already have them.

For example when I was doing this for my business I would think about my life as having tons of free time, training awesome clients only when I wanted to, having a 6 figure business and avoiding all vampire energy sucker type people in my life. I put into action all of the physical and business stuff that my coaches advised and I completely switched my mindset from I “want” this to I “already have” this.  I’m not saying this to brag but I want you to see the power of positive thinking and the ideal mindset.

Now, my business and my life is exactly how I want it. Am I saying it was only because of the mindset? No, I took action, but without the mindset and getting away from negative self talk, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Now I continually use these tactics for any new thing I want to accomplish like getting more clients, losing 5 pounds of pure body fat (which I did in 4 weeks not too long ago) or want to improve relationships in my life.

So, action step for the day is to create your ultimate vision and ideal body and life. Then picture yourself every single day like you already have it. Take action with the 30 day challenge and switch up your mindset. I guarantee you’ll see big things!

Leave a comment below about what your ideal physical situation is going to be. I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I’ll talk about how eating junk food can actually help you lose fat. You won’t want to miss this one 🙂