Cambridge Personal Training 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 12

A Cambridge personal training fat loss post by Callie Durbrow

30 Day Cambridge Training Fat Loss Challenge…

Hey, welcome back to the Cambridge Personal Training fat loss challenge, day #12. In my last post I was talking about how to balance life, fitness and fun. Yep, it’s possible, and if you missed that then check it out here…..

Cambridge Personal Training (Balance Life, Fun and Fitness)

Today I want to get into something really practical that you can use right away. Today I want you to work on taking some inventory of your kitchen and your house.

The other day I was watching that A&E show, Heavy…have you ever seen it? Man, it’s crazy because they pick these really obese individuals who are really struggling and they chronicle them for 6 months. The first month they are entered into a treatment program complete with trainers, a nutritionist and a therapist.

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The first thing that they do when they check in is to take their cell phone and wallet and also search their bags to make sure they don’t have any food stashed with them. It’s like checking an alcoholic into rehab, they have to go through some withdrawals and create new behaviors.

Unfortunately, in my family we had to deal with some alcoholic behaviors so I’m pretty familiar with the whole process….

The other thing this does is it completely takes away the triggers. So, think about this in your own life. What are your triggers? If you have ice cream or chips in the house, you are pretty likely to eat them right?

Maybe you eat them when you’re stressed, tired, bored or maybe you just didn’t eat enough healthy and supportive food throughout the day so when you get home you’re starving. What do you reach for? Something easy (and not so healthy)

What’s the solution for this? You literally need to throw out the junk. I know, it sounds crazy and maybe you are thinking you don’t want to waste food but think about what that food is doing to you.

So, your task for the day is to go through everything, your freezer, refrigerator, cabinets, garage refrigerator, everything!

I want you to literally purge out all the junk food. Here are the things I want you to get rid of and keep out of the house….

*Any kind of chips, cookies or crackers

*Ice cream, popsicles

*Soda, juice, lemonade, iced tea

*Frozen food such as prepackaged meals, chicken wings, egg rolls, mozzerella sticks

*Lunch meats (except turkey or chicken)


*Cookies, cakes, pies, desserts

I know it seems like a lot, especially with the juices and stuff, but we want to really get everything out and start from scratch with healthy foods. Here’s what you want to stock your kitchen with:

1. Lean proteins- chicken, fish, turkey, beef

2. Vegetables

3. Fruit

4. Whole grains- oatmeal, whole grain bread

5. Sweet potatoes, beans

6. Low fat dairy- Greek yogurt

7. Water or seltzer water


So go ahead and get started with your kitchen flush today and leave a comment below and let me know what you got rid of….