The Busy Trap and the Land of the Walking Dead




Hey, Callie back here again from Ultimate Athletic Fitness. I hope you’re gearing up for an awesome 4th of July with friends and family.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about lifestyle design. I’m really big on doing what I want and when I want. Sure there are things in daily life that you have to take care of, stuff that you  may not love, but I really believe that the majority of your day should be filled with things that you love doing.

Even if you’re not at that point yet, I hope you’re able to make some time for what it is that you love.

I see way too many people living in the land of the walking dead. Just going through the day, going through their entire life with no purpose.

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This kills me because I’m sure those people have a ton to offer. I’m sure they are smart, caring, considerate and hard working.

But the problem is that we get so wrapped up in our daily activities, mundane stuff that just takes up our time. 

Nothing that we really want to do, but we think that we have to stay busy. Are you going through your days like this?

I know that everyone has days like this. You’re just not yourself or you need a little extra push. But take a close look at yourself. Are you blindly going through every day just waiting til 5pm and living for the weekends?

Are you making time for your family, your friends or what you truly love?

For me it’s having the time to work out when I want, to read, to hang out with friends and with my boyfriend, to take naps if I want to, to write, to work on my business in my most productive hours (from 7-9am typically) and to keep my mind “sane” without getting too wrapped up in small issues. That’s when I get the most stressed out. If I can keep myself organized and get my most productive work done every day, I feel great.

I just want you to think about this. Are you staying busy just to stay busy? Are you making time for the important things in life?

Take a look at this article that was circulating around earlier this week. It’s a great read and I hope it’ll change your perspective a little bit. This is not a quick fix of a lifestyle, that’s for sure. It takes some work and it takes some awareness of what you really want and how productive you can be.

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The Busy Trap…..