Cambridge Personal Trainer Interview with B.Good and How to Eat Healthy

A Cambridge personal trainer nutrition post by Callie Durbrow

Check out this exclusive interview with the owner of B.Good Restaurant

Hey what’s up, Callie Durbrow back here from Durbrow Performance Training and I wanted to just write to you quickly because I have a really cool interview for you. I was over in Harvard Square last week chatting with my friend Jon who is one of the owners of B.Good restaurant.

You’ve probably heard of them, they’ve got 8 locations in and around Boston and they serve probably THE BEST and freshest food available today. Everything is from local farms and growers and these guys are serious when it comes to creating food that is not only healthy in terms of calorie and fat count, but also that provides you with all the necessary nutrients and does not include any extra chemicals, pesticides or artificial products.

Here’s a cool video that takes you literally inside their kitchen and Jon will also give you some of the best things to eat at B.Good….

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