How to Find the Best Boot Camp in Cambridge

A Cambridge boot camp post by Callie Durbrow

How to Find the Best Boot Camp in Cambridge


I know that you want to get in shape and look toned, sexy, and lean. We all do, but how far are you willing to go to get a great body?

You see them advertised all the time; it’s the fitness wave of the future. Boot camps are run by every trainer on the block. They are in the park, at your local YMCA, in school gymnasiums, and at fitness centers.
Boot camps seem like a great idea but let me give you some inside information that is crucial to your health.

Read this and rethink the concept of boot camps.

  1. Some instructors are not certified trainers: Anyone can run a boot camp if they have enough people and a space to do it. Many of the people you see conducting these camps are just your average Joe with no real qualifications other than a loud voice and a few exercises up their sleeve. Do you really want that person in charge of your health and fitness goals?
  2. There are too many people in the camp and not enough instructor eyes: This can set people up for massive injuries. If you are being screamed at and “pushed” by the boot camp dictator in front of you, you are obviously going to do as they say. If you have a previous injury or if you simply go past your normal limits and compromise your technique simply to get a few more repetitions, it can be messy. With 20-30 people in a group there is no way the trainer can see you if you need a form correction. All of these factors combined make for an unsafe situation.
  3. Everyone is doing the exact same thing: This is fine for some exercises, but what if you are more advanced or more of a beginner? Trainers in the boot camp can modify things to an extent but again, with too many people it’s very hard. You will not get the best training session of your life if you are being held back or pushed too far simply because you can’t talk with the instructor and assess the situation.
  4. Too much “cardio” and high repetition work. This kind of training will get you fatigued and sweaty, but it should not be done for every session. Strength work requires some heavy weights at certain points and boot camps simply do not have enough space or equipment to accommodate this mode of training. You can only do so much body weight and band training. Regardless of what they tell you, if you want to get in KILLER shape you need some weights. Strength training revs up your metabolism and leads to a decrease in body fat. That’s what we all want in the long run, right?

In order to remedy these problems brought on by weak boot camps; you need to seek out a certified personal trainer who specializes in fast, safe and effective fat loss.

With this type of training you will receive specialized instruction as well as outside motivation from your peers. Your technique will be precise because your trainer can see your every move. Progressions will be based around your own fitness levels and you will have access to all strength equipment required for ultimate gains in performance and fitness.
Durbrow Performance Training and Cambridge boot camps provide top notch fat loss training based on YOUR goals.

We match you up with a boot camp that meets your needs and your schedule. Our amazing 3 in 1 Fat Loss Formula will help you melt fat, tone your belly and hips and boost your energy levels all in 1/2 the time of typical boot camp and gym workouts.

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