30 Day Cambridge Training Fat Loss Challenge: Day 8

The Push Up and Squat Challenge…

A Cambridge personal training fat loss post by Callie Durbrow

Welcome back, thank you so much for continuing to follow the 30 day fat loss challenge. I hope that you’ve gotten some great information so far. It’s all about putting the pieces together….nutrition, strength training and metabolic interval training are your major focus points. If those are in order, you’re all good!


So I hope that you’ve tried out the metabolic intervals, the body weight workouts and maybe even my smoothie recipe. Did you miss that one? Here it is…..4 minute healthy breakfast

Today I’ve got a challenge for you….this is one workout that I’ve made most of my personal training clients complete at some point. We actually do it a little different in the gym because we use some kettlebells and rings and stuff like that, but here’s one that you can do right at home or at the gym if you have access.

This is called the 100 challenge. What you’ll do is complete 100 squats and 100 push ups in the shortest amount of time possible. There are no rules, you can break up the repetitions as many times as you want. Try to do as many as you can and then rest. Your rest can come at any point but try to keep it pretty short. Also be sure to keep a piece of paper next to you to record how many you did in each set. It seems easy enough to count but by the time you’ve done 50 (or was it 51?) push ups, you’ll wish you wrote it down 🙂

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So check it out, perform your dynamic warm up and then get right into this training exercise. If you are new to push ups then go from your knees, if you are moderate then do as many as you can in the military style and then drop to your knees. If you’re way advanced then kick ass with military style push ups.

In terms of squats, if you are new or don’t have a gym then just use your own body weight. If you want to add some weight just hold a dumbbell in each hand or hold a medicine ball against your chest.

Record your total time at the end and try this workout every other week as a challenge. Try to beat your time!

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Leave me a quick comment with your time and how you felt doing this challenge…..Keep up the awesome work!