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In A Fitness World of Promises and Short Term Weight Loss Programs, We are Committed to Your Transformation in a Way that will GUARANTEE that You’ll Get the Results AND Keep Them In a Sustainable Way.

Fit This Into Your Lifestyle, Have More Results, Fun and Support Than You Thought Possible Without Diets, Wrecking Your Body Or Having To Live a Non-Sustainable Life

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. If you’ve landed on this page it’s clear you are ready for a change in your life. If you’re anything like the ladies that come to our gym, you’re a bit confused.

In addition to being confused, you may have experienced one or more of these things recently...

  • You feel downright flabby and unattractive.
  • You don’t seem to recognize yourself.
  • You hate being in pictures and typically delete most of them.
  • It seems easier to just stay in bed.
  • You have lost your confidence, despite previously being the life of the party.
  • You look puffy.
  • You feel like a failure.
  • You’re uncomfortable at family and work functions.

Sound Familiar?

Don’t worry, I get it. You’ve tried it all and now you’re just at the point where you’re done with the B.S. diets, tricks and “hacks.”

You’ll get none of that at Durbrow Performance Training. We’re real people, we’ve experienced the same pains and struggles that you have and we have helped hundreds of women just like you.

So why join the Durbrow Performance family?

You want to lose weight, you want to tone up and most of all you want your energy and confidence back.

Sounds impossible based on where you’re at right now I’ll bet.

Here’s the good news. All you need is 3 days a week with us in our small group personal training environment (don’t worry, everyone starts at their own level and we won’t kill you like some other fitness programs out there), follow our simple nutrition plans, drink plenty of water and try to sleep 7-8 hours a night.

Other than that, just show up and we’ll take care of you from A to Z.

Like I mentioned above, I won’t B.S. you ever. This is not EASY but the road to getting your results can be simple if you just follow the plan.

Years ago I was doing a lot of personal training and I wanted to experiment with training some of my ladies in a group because they all wanted to work out at the same time. Before I knew it, it took off like a rocket ship!


Because those 5 ladies working out together, pushing each other in a fun and friendly way and motivating each other to get a little better each day, it was amazing to watch.

The results where phenomenal and the weight was falling off them. Plus they were doing things they never dreamed of- Push Ups, Dead Lifts, even pushing my car once and a while (don’t worry, that’s not on the first day 🙂

So with that, the Durbrow Performance family was born. All of the groups are monitored by a trainer and we meet you where YOU are at. If we need to make an exercise a little easier or a little harder, no problem. It’s like a personal trainer just with 6-8 other people there, pushing you and helping you along the way.

Durbrow Training Results

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to See How Normal People, Just Like You, Took Their Lives to the Next Level

What makes this different from your regular gym, boot camp or CrossFit?

The missing ingredient: Accountability

Sure you can sign up for a gym and go on your own, but will you do the right exercises?

Will you work enough or too much?

Will you have someone there to track your measurements, your progress in every exercise and someone to celebrate your wins with?

That’s where we come in. We’ll take care of you from A to Z. You’ll get:

  • Customized workouts designed to help you lose fat fast, develop some lean and toned muscle and boost your energy levels.
  • Our one of a kind nutrition coaching.
  • Monthly Seminars
  • Family Outings
  • Parties and Games
  • Events
  • Races
  • Our accountability program to keep you on track every 30 days
  • Weekly and monthly prizes

and MORE....

Ready to Just Get Started?

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