Cambridge Personal Training and Battling Ropes

Cambridge Personal Training and Battling Ropes

When I purchased the battling ropes I was thinking, yeah I might use these things once and a while, they are pretty cool for conditioning.

The first day that I had them we were already outside blasting out a Prowler and Rope workout, breaking those babies in.

Since then (that was over 1 year ago) I would say we’ve used the Battling Ropes in our training studio almost every day.

We use them as a part of our circuits, as a finisher to really blast fat at the end, and sometimes even as a stand-alone workout.

Battling ropes are an incredible tool for fat loss because they require a huge amount of core strength, they use almost every muscle in the body, they boost your heart rate like nothing else and all of these things equate to a HUGE calorie burn and a metabolic boost.

What does this mean for you? It means you’re burning a ton of calories during the training session but you’re also revving up your body so that you’re burning up those pesky fat cells after the training session, which is really the most important.

Check out this video of my Sunday Funday workout and some Battling Ropes action….

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And here’s a cool video of some of our training members rocking a Tabata style workout, complete with the ropes….

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