You’re the BEST

When I was a kid I LOVED The Karate Kid. Still one of the best movies ever, if you ask

“You’re The Best” is one of my go-to work out songs.

Karate Kid II, not bad….the music still rocks though…Glory of Love 🙂

Enough nostalgia and memory lane for this 80’s child, what’s my point today?

Well, it’s a classic story of lost student, struggling, messing up their life.

And the most common trait, thinking they can do it on their own.

In comes Mr Miyagi…

What does Daniel see in him? This old crazy guy who doesn’t “get it”

Whose methods are too simple. I mean Daniel wants to learn how to FIGHT and kick some ass.

Not grab flies with chop sticks and wax the hood of a car.

I see it every day with our “students”

They want to kick ass and fight on day one (not literally of course, we aren’t THAT kind of gym).

In other words they want to run before they can crawl.

They haven’t set the small goals yet, mastered the mundane tasks (like logging food, drinking water).

I’m not going to lie to you- it’s not the sexy stuff that gets you results.

It’s the daily actions that build up and become habits, which lead to results and ultimately your life.

I’m not saying you will live every day in a boring state of eating chicken and broccoli only.

Hell no

The ultimate goal is to work out hard, look awesome, feel like a bad ass AND drink wine.


So let me ask you this….what are you DOING on a daily basis that’s getting you toward that goal?

Are you catching flies with chop sticks and waxing cars- learning the practices that put you into a position of results and power?

Or are you jumping from program to program and ending up like Daniel, getting his butt kicked in the desert?

Meaning you are getting NO results and just falling flat on your face, getting discouraged more and more each time.

I know the answer already, because I see it every day.

And that’s OKAY. I get it.

What’s the solution?

I’m so glad you asked….

I created my program for women exactly like you, who want to be strong, confident, bad
ass AND have a life.

If you are in the Somerville area and want to get started with this, simply click the link below and book yourself in for a strategy session with me.

-We’ll talk about your goals
-How we can help
-We’ll come up with a master pan
-We’ll get some initial measurements
-We’ll discuss nutrition, lifestyle, stress, etc (we want to get the whole picture)

Then, if we decide we are a good fit to work together- I’ll let you in on our 21 Day Academy….

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