Words of Wisdom from My Childhood

This past weekend I was in Vermont visiting my parents. It was my mom’s birthday on Friday so my sister in law and nephew made a short trip up to see them.

It’s always great to get away- no cell service up there, which is a bonus too 🙂

I truly believe being able to change your environment or your “state” when you are a little stressed or burned out is one of the biggest things you can do.

It seems super simple but every time I do it, I’m like “damn, why didn’t I just try that
r” instead of trying to muscle through and not be stressed.

Just going out for a walk usually does it for me.

Give it a try sometime…

But back to the point of blog post…

Every time I’m at my parents I always reminisce a little bit, checking out the old books, trophies and newspaper articles that are in my childhood bedroom.

This time I came across a small book that my great-grandmother had given me in 1984 called
Little Bits of Wisdom.

Each page contained a small passage that was great for a kid but as I read through them, they were crazy relevant for us as adults too.

Here’s one I wanted to share today…

“Little strokes fell great oaks”

This is something we focus on A LOT in our facilities. Do the small things, day in and day out to get to your goals. Don’t try to go 100%, balls to the wall with your diet or your workouts and then crash and burn.


It’s mentally and physically exhausting. Instead, focus on those small things that make a big impact.

-Smart (and FUN) training that keeps you coming back
-Set small outcomes for each day
-Review your day to celebrate your wins and course correct any things that you are stuck on
-Creating space to keep you calm



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