What I Learned in Sunny Cali

Last weekend I was in sunny Cali

It was 80 degrees and sunny…that didn’t suck

I was at a fitness seminar with over 600 other professionals….I wanted to share with you what I learned

(don’t worry, it’s not boring shit like which exercises are the best)

  • surround yourself with like minded people
  • be crystal clear on your intentions
  • spend 15-20 minutes each morning working on YOU before you work on others
  • get a mentor
  • get a mentor that scares you, just a little
  • never stop working to get better
  • work out with people (it’s WAY more fun)

There was dozens of other nuggets, but needless to say I came home more inspired than when I left


It was all about the environment


If you’re surrounded with negative crabs in your life, you’ll never get better


I don’t care how hard you work, it just won’t happen


You need SOME positive people in your life


Even just one is enough to spark the motivation and life in you


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