Unleashing My Inner 3 Year Old

Ever give in to your inner three year old?

I bet you do every day. I do, that’s for sure….let me explain.

I was chatting with a new client a few months back during his goal setting session. Normally our new clients are women but occasionally we have some guys that are like “yep, I’m ready to be more bad ass” and that’s cool.

Anyway, this guys was great and reminded me a lot of myself at that point, so this is why I bring it up even months later.

He was totally ready to change but confused about WHY. We talked through some of his sticking points and what was blocking him from really getting results.

He used an example:

I plan out how I’m going to go to lunch in the cafeteria and after lunch I’m going to grab an apple for a snack. I get up to the counter all ready to grab an apple and instead I grab a cookie.

He went on to mention that he has no idea WHY. I gave him a simple reason (and the reason I
know it is because I DO it).

You give in to your inner three year old.

I want it now.

So damn it, I’m going to have it.  I do that all the time….instant gratification is my jam.

I’m way better than I was, that’s for sure.

So we talked about that a lot and I assured him that it’s not crazy.  It can be worked on and adjusted.


Having your strong WHY.

I know for me when I give in to my inner 3 year old, it’s usually because I don’t look at my big picture why. It’s like my compass so if I get off course, the instant gratification temper tantrum 3 year old comes out when I want something.

Ice cream

Amazon online shopping

My husband to finish that project at the house NOW

I have to check myself and ask “why”

So my lesson for you today….just start becoming aware (for a long time I was just like “what is wrong with me“).

Awareness is the first step. Line up what you think you want now with what you actually want long term. Does this fix it? Not even close, it takes work. But that’s your starting point.

Now, months later after acknowledging this and working through it, I’m much better and can now recognize the “attack of the three year old” and manage it.