This is INSANE

The definition of insanity is often said to be doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Think about that one for a second…

Are you doing that with your eating and your fitness?

You DO want to lose weight…

So why are you doing the same thing over and over again, struggling to get results?

This is a tough love kind of question-

How is that working for you?

I am not saying this from a place of judgement but from a place of empathy and understanding. I get it.

I do the same things that you do. I am stubborn, I try to do shit on my own, I don’t ask for help and a lot of the time. I get stuck in my own head and tell stories about why I can’t accomplish something.

I’m human.

You’re human.

But we’re not insane….

So we need to stop acting like it. Again, this is tough love for you.

If what you say you want is REALLY what you want, then why are you doing the same thing in order to get it?

Time for something different.

Getting back to basics is one of the best ways to start this process. Take a look at a few baseline areas of your life. If adjusted, these can make a big impact on many other areas. I call these cornerstone habits because they often push other things into a positive direction.

Strength & Conditioning Workouts 3x a week
3-4 servings of vegetables per day
Structure around your training (aka scheduled)
Accountability (a group training setting)

Do you have these things dialed in? If not, that’s where you start. Create a rule or non-negotiable around each one so it gets done, no questions asked, no stories told.

It seems simple and I know you want a better, more flashy answer. That’s not the way to get real results. Stick to the basics, work the process and tweak along the way. That’s it.