Things I Don’t Care About and Big Rocks

I used to care about everything.

Well more specifically, I cared about everyone.

Still do…

I’m a people pleaser. That leads me to caring about way too much that I can’t control.

Letting other people’s decisions, thoughts and opinions get in my way.

(I still do it, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like a switch I flipped off)

Although that would be pretty awesome…

Another email for another day is how I work on this.

Today it’s about what I DON’T care about (when it comes to getting results)

I don’t care about the small rocks.

Yes, insert “that’s what she said jokes” here. (I have 3-4 clients that die every time I say something about balls, tight, box, etc…)

Don’t be offended, it’s all in good fun.

But back to those small rocks.

That’s the stuff that gets in your way. Slows you down. Pushes your focus from being awesome to being overwhelmed and feel like you’re drowning.

Focus on the big rocks.

The stuff that moves you forward every day.

For me the big rocks are:

  • getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • strength training 3 times per week
  • doing 2 metabolic conditioning workouts each week
  • drinking 2 huge water bottles each day
  • getting enough protein
  • doing my foam rolling and mobility every day so I can move pain free
I DON’T worry about…


Which protein powder to take?


Just find a good one, make a decision and use it.


Should I do squats with a kettlebell or a dumbbell?


They are both good, just pick one.


I’m not saying be reckless and not do your research.


I’m saying once you know the big things that will help you get results, focus on those.


Don’t let the small rocks keep you from actually taking action.


Don’t stress over it.


Big rocks my friend, big rocks.