Somerville Training Sunday Spotlight: Marya Wegman

I’ve gone through periods of activity and inactivity throughout my life; I’m usually at least a little active, but I can be pretty lazy, too. I was a dancer growing up, but I was definitely not built to sustain that as a career, so it stays a hobby. I would join gyms periodically, get really dedicated, and then…life would get in the way.

Two summers ago, Fellow DPT-er Dave Mish and I traveled to Senegal to study West African dance and drumming. NEVER have I had such a workout! We were both exhausted by it everyday (the fact that it was 105 degrees didn’t help), but we kept doing it when we got back. Periodically, at work or at dance class, we would chat about exercise and health, which led to him, about a year after our trip, telling me about DPT. He talked about the changes he’d seen in himself, and how holistic the whole approach was.

My brother’s wedding was rapidly approaching and I wanted to look good in pictures, but I hadn’t been seeing the kinds of changes I wanted to see with the approaches I was trying.

Enter Callie and Emily.
I remember my first session. I wasn’t sure I’d make it through, and it took me a good hour to get back to feeling like a normal person. Inexplicably, I went back for more. Of course, my second session was a pyramid challenge…but somehow, I was hooked. I had only intended to do the trial three weeks, but I found myself happily handing over my credit card and memorizing the gym schedule.
Pretty soon my clothes started to get loose. I busted out my bike and started biking to the gym…and then most every where else. When the school year stared up, my colleagues couldn’t get over how healthy and in shape I looked. I stared enjoying clothes shopping!
I was never hugely overweight, but I was always bigger than I wanted, and I’d only ever gotten myself into pretty good shape, never great. I made a lot of changes in the way I eat, too; I shifted from mostly vegetarian to pescatarian, I cut out junk food and most sugar, and I started cooking a lot more (healthy stuff!).
I have a lot of favorite exercises, though I think tire strikes probably top the list. Especially on a day when my students are pissing me off 🙂
 I’m also a big fan of the slide board. I have a love/hate relationship with TRX rows as I try to master doing every round with straight legs…
I feel like so many aspects of my life have changed, but the best part is that I just feel (and look!) better. I love going to DPT, I love that I know the people I exercise with, and I’m motivated to get out and do things on off days, too – laziness is far more rare these days (not that it doesn’t still occasionally happen :)). Now I’ve even gotten my best friend to join for the most recent challenge, and I’m betting she’ll get as hooked as me once she starts seeing changes!
Here’s Marya a few months before she joined….
Somerville fitness training
Here’s Marya after several months of training….
personal training Somerville
Somerville fitness training