People Ask Me This All the Time

How do you find a balance?

I get this question a lot. Everyone wants to know how to get lean, eat right, get results AND still have a life.

In the beginning it’s hard. There is not a balance when you first start out. You have to dedicate yourself to your goals with laser focus. If you want to achieve them 80% of the way, you can still have pizza and ice cream once and a while.

If you want to change your body composition (how much fat and muscle you have) 100%, then you have to commit.

There’s no other way around it. You can’t have it all in the beginning. 

I’m not saying you have to adopt a steady diet of boiled chicken and broccoli at every meal. You can still eat delicious food, you will just have to stay within your daily goals and be sure to get your 4-5 training days in.

What about when you have hit your goal of body composition? Maybe you find a new goal and it becomes that you want to build more muscle or strength in certain exercises.

That’s where a lot of our clients are at right now. It’s a pretty cool thing to have happen. 

But what comes along with that is the dreaded word that everyone is searching for. Balance.

I was thinking a lot about this yesterday after a conversation with one of our clients.

I wanted her to make sure that she gave herself some compassion, not beating herself up during a particularly stressful time.

It got me to thinking about what balance means for me personally.

It’s knowing the difference between making excuses and having compassion for yourself.

Things will always come up in life. You have to determine whether you are making an excuse or whether you’re giving yourself a break and understanding that you can’t be perfect. Use your goals as your compass. Do your behaviors match up with your goals?

If not, then figure out what the real issue is. I am pretty sure the real issue is NOT that you just have to have that ice cream every night.

It’s probably a different trigger. Stress, fatigue (your body craving sugar) or boredom, maybe?

Are you making an excuse or giving yourself some compassion?

Have a great week,


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