One of Our Favorite Ab Exercises: Valslide Ab Tuck & Star

Oh Valslides, how much do we at DP love you?

We could count the dozens of ab, core and leg variations that you can do on the Valslides. They are super portable and just down right awesome because my friend Valerie Waters, trainer the stars, created them.

I have to rave about Val for a minute because she’s pretty much one of the nicest people ever. We were in a business group together for a few years and at that time I had ordered several sets of slides for the gym. There was one set in particular (I think I ordered 3 pairs at once) that wasn’t holding up as well.

I mentioned it to Val, just to let her know that the product was amazing but some of the foam was falling apart and we hadn’t had them that long. I just wanted to make her aware as a friend and certainly wasn’t asking for anything.


She was so apologetic and told me how she had changed distributors and now she was so certain that she was switching back and how embarrassing that was. I told her over and over not to feel bad, I just wanted to let her know in case she wanted to look into it.

She literally pulled out two sets of sliders from her bag and gave them to me. A lot of people ask why we don’t just get the furniture sliders from Home Depot and that’s my reason right there. Because this woman, a friend of mine, created this amazing product and puts her heart and soul into every exercise, every production and every person that buys them.

I’m a huge fan of Val and and a huge fan of her exercises. Check out one of the DPT faves, the Valslide Ab Tuck and Star.



If you want to pick up a pair of Valslides, check them out right here. I get zero kick back from this, just a plug for a good person and an awesome training tool.