July Focus = Mobility (How to Get the Most Out of It)

This month our focus is mobility.

We want to keep it very simple for you to succeed in July. There are vacations and lots of things that are more fun than foam rolling.

BUT, it needs to be done.


It’ll improve your performance and results in the gym.

You’ll reduce the risk of injury.

You’ll be able to improve any current nagging injuries.

You’ll just feel better. (I know, not super sexy, but who wants to feel like shit?)

Check out this video where I break down exactly what you need to be successful in the practice of this month.

It’s exactly that too. A practice.

Practice makes better. Not perfect.

Just find a system that works for you to be consistent. In the video I talk about how I do my own personal mobility.

If you miss a day, just get back to it the next day. If doing it for 5 minutes every day works for you, do that. If doing it 3 days when you come into the gym works, do that.

There is no perfect way to do this right now. We just want you practicing.

At the gym you’ll also find some mobility protocols for your feet & ankles, back, hips and shoulders.

Take a look at those and try to do them each time you come into the gym. I recommend starting with your most pressing issue – so pick one. Don’t try to do all four.

Side note: we actually don’t want to get more mobility in our lower back- it usually has too much already, but these will help you reduce some restriction in the areas around those low back muscles that often take a lot more stress than they need to.

If you’re in for this challenge, write your name on the board and let’s get it going. Also watch the Facebook groups for weekly check in’s on your progress.

Let’s do this!