I’m Giving You Permission for This (sometimes we need it)

A few months back I was in San Diego for a business mastermind and last night I was
booking my trip for my upcoming one in three weeks….I was getting a little excited….

What’s a mastermind, you might be asking?

(I’ve always been in them for as long as I’ve had my business)

It’s a collection of fitness professionals, in this case, that join together to brainstorm, hang out, share what’s working and push each other to hit goals.

The cool thing about this group that I’m in now, is that it’s WAY more than just how to build a better business.

It’s lifestyle, taking care of your body, being balanced in all areas of your life and giving yourself permission to be a bad ass.

That’s what Steve, my coach said to me as we were walking down the beach on the final day of the meetings.

You need to give yourself permission to be the bad ass that you are

Truth bomb

That triggered the shit out of me. Why? Because it’s true….AND it’s difficult. So I’m going to toss that statement right back to you today.

Are you giving yourself permission to be a bad ass or are you shrinking your worth?

Are you just hoping that things will “get better” or are you just going about your days
and months just “being”

Stagnation is a soul crusher and you are better than that. You just need someone to give you permission to be that bad ass.

For me it starts with fitness. That’s the catalyst to lots of good things in your life.

Better relationships
Clear mind

I could go on and on. Sounds pretty good right?

It seems so simple, but it all starts with permission. Start allowing yourself to have it.