I Can’t Do It (weird brain shift stuff)

I have a trainer, his name is John

He writes all my workouts and keeps me on track.

It’s freakin’ glorious- I don’t have to write my own workouts and I just go in and do what he says

Three days ago I was getting set up for my upper body workout (had a basketball game later in the evening so it was a double workout day- yikes)

Anyway, on the docket for the day was 30 chin ups (I could do them in any variation of reps, as long as they got done)

My first thought was “fuck, that sucks, that’s a lot of chin ups”

(Just being honest)

I love training but sometimes I don’t, ya know 🙂

>>>It’s not all chicken and broccoli and 2 hour workouts for this chick. I’m human

So my second thought was, okay, I’ll just do 20 because I know I can just do a bunch of sets of 3-5 and be done quickly

Don’t we all do that sometimes?

We go into that mode of doing what we’re familiar with, what won’t hurt *too* much

I shifted my thinking damn quickly. Instead of “I can’t do that” I decided to suck it up and just do it

What’s my lesson here?

We all go into comfort zone mode when something comes about that we hate, we’re nervous about or we haven’t done before

So the next time you’re confronted with something not so comfort-zone-like, examine your thoughts

Is your initial reaction to go to “I can’t?”

If it is, that’s okay. You just gotta retrain the mental a little bit

If you have that thought, examine it and think about WHY you’re having it

For me it was because I knew it would be hard

Sometimes it’s because I’m scared

There’s my challenge for you.

Wanna get out of your comfort zone on a daily basis without getting all “boot camp military drill sergeant?”

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