First Ever Manchester Client of the Month: Kristina Graydon

  1. What is your hometown?

    I grew up in kennebunkport Maine.  

  2. What brought you to DPT?

    I had spent close to three years after I left my old gym trying to find the right fit. When I saw DPT I figured I’d give it a try and I’m so glad I did, it was everything (and more!) that I was looking for in a gym. I needed the accountability and family feel to get me going.

  3. How long have you been training with us?

    Since you opened the Manchester gym in May! 7 months 

  4. What do you do in the “real world?” (job, family, pets, etc)

    I live in Manchester with my boyfriend, Pat, and our little kitten, Luna. I work for a software technology company in their HR department. 

  5. What is one fun fact that most people don’t know about you?

    I had 5 wisdom teeth… Two on the top left. 

  6. What is your favorite exercise and why?

    Ropes or ladders. They’re both very challenging and can be done w so many variations so it stays interesting.

  7. What is your biggest gym achievement so far?

    My 30inch box jump! I’ve always been vertically challenged so to get that high at 5’4 was pretty fun. That and my 235 lb trap bar deadlift 

  8. What inspires and motivates you?

    The results and energy of the other members. The coaches definitely keep us ALL motivated.

  9. What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining or who has just joined DPT.  If they’re thinking about it I would tell them to absolutely take the plunge, all you have to do is show up and the DPT coaches will do the rest 🙂 for the newbies I would say keep at it, even when you’re sore- what you couldn’t do yesterday will soon be your warm up.