Fascial Stretching for Improved Posture and Shoulder Health

The way of the world these days is phones, computers, driving, sitting and poor posture. You will often hear how sitting is the new smoking and other fear mongering about this subject but the bottom line is, you can improve your posture and shoulder health if you are simply staying on top if it with a few things:

1). Strength training with an emphasis on your posterior chain- upper back, lower back, glutes, hamstrings

2). Daily mobility and stretching to open the pecs and shoulders (the front of the body)

3). As a bonus- if you can do some fascial stretching in that area, the effects will enhance all the work you are doing on the first two areas

Here is a weekly video from our Fascial Stretch Therapist, Chase Devine.

If you want to check out how Chase can help you with your shoulders and upper back, or any locked up area, email him at [email protected]