The Farmer Versus The Fireman

Do you know the difference between a fireman
and a farmer?

Weird question I know….but stay with me here.

Fireman = totally awesome and brave of course.

BUT, they come in once there’s an emergency and put it out. It’s not planned, it’s not expected and it’s certainly not welcomed.

A farmer = planning, process, patience and trust in the process.

See a farmer doesn’t always know exactly how the crop will grow and it certainly doesn’t grow overnight.

But he has a plan, he follows it step by step each week and each day and he has faith in the process.

He’s not running out and changing the plan when he doesn’t see the corn popping up out of the ground after only two days.

(kind of like what we do when we’re on a “diet” and we don’t see results right away)

We become more like the fireman- burn it down, put it out and start over.

Emergency mode

How many times have you done that?

A lot, I’d guess….

So how can you be more like the farmer?

First off you need a plan. You need someone that can coach you on the plan, keep you on track and ensure that you have faith.

That coach that can help you just trust the process, track your progress and show you the incremental change which will ensure that you get long lasting results instead of a quick fix.

Sounds better than another diet that won’t last, right?

Once you have the coach and the system to just continuously follow, without second guessing yourself, then you can focus on the little things. The little things are not fancy or sexy but they are the staples of any successful program or lifestyle.

-drink more water
-strength train
-get enough sleep
-move your body daily
-lower your stress levels

Nothing revolutionary here, but it’s just simple work, day in and day out. Stay consistent, stay compliant and don’t burn it all to the ground if you have a rough day. Simply get back into the plan that you set for yourself and have faith in the result.