What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong (and you just don’t have time)

Ever have one of those days where everything goes RIGHT?

You wake up before your alarm —-> you have plenty of time in the morning —-> you actually get into work early —-> you get everything done and have the awesome chance to leave EARLY —-> you have energy so you go to the gym —> you’re motivated from the gym so you go home and cook a healthy meal

Then the next day you hit snooze once, maybe twice.

You rush to get out the door, no time for breakfast so you grab a coffee and a sugary pastry on the way to work.

By 10am you’re starving so you grab some more sugar.

Then you work through lunch because you’re behind, so at 2pm it’s onto a coffee and more sugar.

Continuing to run behind because the rush of your morning, you stay at work and skip your gym workout. You get home later than usual and you’re tired so you order some take out and just veg in front of the TV.

Sounds pretty normal, right?

From one day to the next it just depends on what’s going on. That’s life…right?


You are actually in more control than you know. I understand, you are busy and maybe you have kids to get ready in the morning. I’m not saying you should have all this free time to leisurely get ready.

And honestly, the point of this blog is not the morning routine (that’s for another day).

I want you to look at the scenarios above. Maybe you think you are leaving things to chance, but in reality you were PREPARED in scenario #1. You just kept adding up little wins throughout the day.



The reason for that was the schedule and the structure. Now think about that from a workout perspective…if you could take out the guess work, the need to “get yourself” motivated and the whole figuring out what to do at the gym…that would be pretty awesome, right?

If you had a coach:
Someone who could motivate you, push you, ensure that you’re safe, that you’re doing the right stuff (and not wasting your time).

That would be even more awesome, right?

Don’t leave your workouts up to chance. You’ll always be busy, tired or stressed. You have to CREATE the time to work out, not just sticking it into an already busy and crazy schedule.

It WILL take a back seat. It’s probably happening now.

How about instead, you show up to a fun, motivating, supportive group training session 3 days per week and you’re in and out in an hour…working with people that KNOW you. We know how to push you, how to track your goals and how to ensure you’re getting results.


5pm selfie

It’s not just a “workout.”

It’s a TRAINING session. What’s the difference, you may ask?

There are goals, focus points and most importantly, it’s FUN.

If you want to get on board this before the average person who “waits” for after the holidays (and continues the perpetual New Years Resolution every year for the rest of their lives), then grab a spot on our upcoming 42 Day Lean & Fit Challenge:

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