Enjoy the F&$* Out of the Wine

Two nights ago I went with 5 friends to Foxwoods-

We spent the day at the spa (got an awesome facial) and then went to dinner at the best steak house there

We got to talking about how eating is not all “black and white”

Meaning there is no “good” and “bad” food- it’s all how you choose to set yourself up

(the reason we were talking about this is because one of my besties is working on that very thing)

“That thing” is when you say, I ate well so therefore I AM good

I ate bad so I AM bad

(tons of people do that- I used to too)

But anyway, I just wanted to put that into context because I know what you’re thinking…

“Callie is SO boring that all she talks about at dinner is healthy eating”

Not so, my friend

I told them my philosophy, which is that you have a CHOICE to eat whatever you want

No food is good or bad

But the thing is, if you make a choice to eat some ice cream, drink some wine or have a huge steak then you better enjoy the f%C& out of that food

Then you move on, and go about your life

Don’t beat yourself up over it, don’t go on a strict “diet” after

You chose to eat it, you are allowed to eat it and you better enjoy the f____ out of it

That’s what life is all about

It’s not about being on a restrictive diet and when you go out to a steak house you can’t have wine, steak and dessert

Hell yeah you can, if you make it part of your lifestyle plan

So, where you do you fall in the “black and white” scenario?

Grey is tough and it takes lots of work

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Talk soon,

PS- After enjoying the “f” out of my wine and steak, we danced like fools at Shrine nightclub until 1 am. This chick was tired 🙂