Durbrow Performance Training June Client of the Month: Shonda Ettienne

Congratulations to our June 2014 Client of the Month, Shonda Ettienne!

Shonda has been training at Durbrow Performance for just over 1 year and in that time she’s made one of the best transformations we’ve ever had. She has lost 87 pounds since starting with the training family last July.

Shonda is always one to push herself and she has an amazing way of being laser focused during an exercise and then being able to joke and have fun during the breaks, then turn the focus right back on.

It’s been amazing watching Shonda transform her body and each week she is able to challenge herself past just moving more weight. Now with more confidence she’s building her athleticism and pushing herself to try different exercises.

Shonda Push Ups

I was joking with her a few weeks ago that that’s the way it has to go- she loses more weight and her weights in the gym go up.

Shonda has hit a recent PR of a #235 Deadlift, she flips the #420 tire with ease and just yesterday started swinging the 40kg kettlebell.

In addition to her own success, we have heard from several clients about how much her transformation and journey has inspired them to become better.

Congrats again Shonda, you deserve it more than you know!

Shonda COM