Durbrow Performance Training July Client of the Month: Gabe Swanger

Congratulations to our July 2014 Client of the Month, Gabe Swanger!

Gabe has been training with the DP family since January 2014 and in that time has transformed into a total training animal. Gabe came in already super motivated and focused but in the last few months he’s really come into his own by understanding what his body can do and how to use his strength in a coordinated way.

This includes recently working on a 3-Ring Push Up with both hands on rings and his feet in a third ring. This is a very impressive feat of strength, core strength and balance.

Since starting his training this winter, Gabe has lost 6% body fat, 11 inches and added 7 pounds of muscle.

As impressive as his physical transformations have been, Gabe has also become one of our best leaders and motivators during each session. He’s always there to help out a fellow training family member and give them props in a very motivating way.

We laugh about how when Gabe started training I said to him “You would run through that wall if I asked you to.”

That statement is definitely still true, and is a testament to Gabe’s motivation, dedication and coachability. Now he’d probably strategically break the wall down using a nice combination of strength, power and avoiding injury 🙂

Congrats again Gabe, you deserve it!


Gabe COM