Drop Your Ego and Immediately Get Better

I was reading a daily email that my friend Zach Even-Esh sends out and he was talking about dropping your ego. It inspired me to touch on that point a little bit because as I’ve gone through the fitness industry and seen hundreds of colleagues and hundreds of clients, I start to see a trend. Hell, I see that trend with myself.

How many times have you caught yourself doing the “I know, I know…”

When someone gives you a bit of advice or wants you to put a specific plan into action and your response is “I know, I know.’

That’s the WORST.

You know but you’re not doing it. Why not?

Are you scared? Scared to admit that your methods aren’t working? Scared of being “wrong?”

The people that get the best results are the ones that seek out a coach or a mentor and follow the plan. I’m not talking about just blindly going along, not thinking or asking questions. I’m talking about when you want something bad enough, putting your head down and pushing through without excuses.

Excuses are usually our defense mechanism. Either we’re scared of change, scared of the outcome or scared of failure.

Don’t be that person that “I know’s” the situation to death.

Don’t be that person that picks apart the agenda so much that you don’t even make progress. I wrote a blog post last week about focusing on the big rocks, not the small ones. If you get wrapped up in the minutia, you’ll never get anywhere.

Lastly, don’t always assume that your way is the BEST way.

The people that we see in the gym or the nutrition plan with the best results are the ones that are open to change. They ask questions so that they understand the process, but most importantly they trust the process.

I catch myself doing this often too. I overthink my workouts or my nutrition so I decided I’d had enough of that. I now have someone else write my workouts and I follow the DP nutrition plan so that I can ignore my ego and just get to work. I’m not better than the process and that’s a hard thing to admit sometimes.

Have you heard that person who says “yeah but that doesn’t work for me because….”

Because why?

It’s not because you’re a unique little snowflake. It’s because you haven’t checked your ego and given it a chance. Those are probably the same people that are giving the “I know, I know” response.

It’s okay if you’ve done it before, we all have. Just don’t be that person that does it ALL the time. Get out of your own way, find someone to guide you, ask questions to understand and trust the process.

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