DPT August Client of the Month: Chrissy C

Congratulations to our August Client of the Month, Chrissy!

Chrissy has been training with the DP family for just over two years and we’re so proud and excited to give her this award!

Chrissy COM


Here’s some more about Chrissy:

Hometown:  Dunkirk, NY (approx 50 miles SW of Buffalo)

What brought you to DP? Essentially DPT and I met online. 😉 One afternoon while feeling particularly frustrated with my body/weight I googled “Cambridge Personal Trainers” and DPT was listed at the top of the results page. I checked out the website, filled out the form to get more info and quite honestly forgot all about it until I received a response from Callie scheduling an appointment. Best google search I’ve ever done!

How long have you been training? A little over two years.

What do you do in the real world? I’m a Psychologist and am the Coordinator of Sexual Assault Services at a university in the area.

What is something we might not know about you? I’m getting married next weekend! Ahh!

What’s your favorite exercise? Squats, TRX stuff, valslide stuff

What’s your greatest gym achievement so far? This!! And flipping one of the big huge tires (with help from Emily)

What motivates or inspires you? Emily once told me to “set my intention” at the start of the day and to let that guide the decisions I make as the day progresses. When I catch myself struggling I try to reset using that framework. At the gym I’m definitely inspired by the other DPT clients and the trainers.

What is a short term goal and a long term goal for you? Short term: do an unassisted pull up! Long term: continue to maintain the changes I’ve made over the past couple of years.

What would be your advice for a new client at DP? Be patient with yourself and trust the process! Focus not only on the physical changes you want to see but also on creating a healthier relationship with yourself and your body. No negative self talk!