Conditioning Cleans- A Kettlebell Training Finisher

Okay so in the instance of full disclosure, when I first came across this little kettlebell gem, it was being called the Cardio Clean exercise.

I just couldn’t bring myself to write about kettlebells and cardio as one. It just didn’t seem right, ya know?

And I just can’t stand the word cardio. I guess I’ll just add it to the list of words that I hate. Specifically ginormous. I know, I know, it’s in the dictionary but damn it, it’s a combination of two words, that does not count.

Anyway, I have a cool exercise for you today but I had to change the name. The Conditioning Cleans. This exercise is great to do as a finisher after a strength session. I did this one at the end of my training session on Sunday.

Here was my strength training session:

A1. Box Jumps 5×4
A2. Safety Bar Squat 5×8

B1. Chain Push Ups 4×12
B2. Mixed Grip Chin Ups 4x As many as possible (4-6 reps per set)

C. Single Leg Tire Flips 4×2 per leg

D. KB Conditioning Cleans

The conditioning cleans combines a Kettlebell Clean with a Kettlebell Front Squat and you run through the prescribed reps on each side without stopping.

  • 8 cleans/3 squats- Right side
  • 8 cleans/3 squats- Left side
  • 5 cleans/2 squats- Right side
  • 5 cleans/2 squats- Left side
  • 3 cleans/1 squat- Right side
  • 3 cleans/1 squat- Left side

In this video I’m going with the 16kg kettlebell because I was having some elbow pain, typically I’ll do 18-20kg for this finisher.

Check out the video below of my new favorite training finisher….