Christine Huard: Somerville Training Client of the Month

Congratulations to our January Client of the Month, Christine Huard!

Christine has been training with the Durbrow Performance family since July of 2012 and has quickly become one of our most dedicated clients. She hasn’t missed a training session except when she was on vacation and her results have been a testament to all of that dedication.

Since July, Christine has lost 20.5 pounds of body fat and increased her lean muscle weight by 9 pounds. She has also lost 21.5 inches.

Christine has been busting her ass at 6am three or four days each week and is constantly pushing herself to get stronger each training session. Even with an ankle injury the last few weeks we’ve been modifying some lower body exercises but she’s still giving 100% effort and is always there to support or cheer on a fellow training family member.

We’re so lucky to have Christine as a part of our team and I’m so proud of all her results.

Congrats again Christine!

P.S. She got the black t-shirt but wouldn’t let me take a picture 🙂

Here’s one of her rocking the Prowler…..

Christine Prowler



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