Can I Do This?

How was your weekend?

I was out in California for a 2 day meeting with my business group then I got home on Saturday just in time to catch the Final Four.

Can’t say that I picked those teams but it’s so much fun to watch no matter who’s in it.

On Sunday I ran my Ladies Only Strength Group through a serious Glute training session. I did that one myself and yeah, I’m feeling it 🙂

The reason for the email today is a little something to start off your week.

You’ve probably heard me mention that in the gym we never use the word can’t.

If you’re in the gym you may have done a quick 5 burpees for using that very word 🙂

I heard something really interesting that I want you to think about and challenge each time you are in the gym.

Instead of saying “I can do that” you should switch it even more and ask yourself “can I do that?

Sounds the same right?

Think about it for a second.

Let’s say we’re talking about a Kettlebell Swing. You reach for the 20kg bell because you know “I can do that.”

Instead maybe you reach for the 24kg and ask yourself, “Can I do that?”

It’s just a subtle challenge and a shift in your mindset to get away from what you KNOW you can do.

I also heard it put like this:

I can’t do that = self limiting belief

I can do that = complacent

Can I do that? = empowering and challenging

Think about it, how many times do you go into the workout and do the exercises that you know or like, or consistently do the weight that you know you can accomplish?

Even if you ask yourself, can I do that, and the answer is “not 100% perfectly yet”…. who cares?

What’s the worst that could happen?

You increase the weight and only get 8 reps instead of 10?

That’s progress, my friend.

Use this little test the next time you face an exercise that’s tough or someone (ahem, cough, cough) asks you to go up in the weight.

I highly suggest that you check out how some of our clients have changed their lives both mentally and physically. They tell their stories right here.  

Have an awesome week!