Big Goals and Small Steps

A post from Emily….

Big Goals? Small steps!

We often think that big goals require huge actions.

Example, I want to lose 50lbs, so I am going to give up carbs, sugar and alcohol all at once. I will survive on water and skinny thoughts, who needs food. Or the, I will workout seven days a week! Then we burnout and throw in the towel altogether.

It is not grand acts that create sustainable change, it is small steps/actions that truly change behaviors and habits.

Example: I need more veggies in my diet

Extreme not sustainable: I am going to only eat veggies

Sustainable: I am going to have veggies at every meal

(notice I said am going to, not going to try, you still need to commit)

Example 2: I need to lose weight and exercise more

Extreme not sustainable: I will run 6 miles everyday, even though you haven’t ran in 10 years

Sustainable: I will start by running a mile 3 times a week, and add another in 2 weeks

I will say you need to set the goal, or goals. You need to know where you are going before you start a journey.

It is about the small steps that will lead to a long journey, you cannot just show up at the finish line of marathon and say you ran it, you have to do every step.

If I told you we are going to go over 217 ways to change your behavior in the next hour, you would retain maybe 30, maybe. And be SO tired by the end. But if we took those changes and stretched them out over 90 days, your rate of success would rocket. Mastering one change and skill at a time, rather than overloading your body and brain.

Take it one step at a time, don’t get overwhelmed, get to work. You do not need to do every step at once, don’t skip out on the work and you will reach that big goal before you know it, and the best news, in the end you will know how to do the work.

You do not need to do crazy things, to get insane results. One step at a time.

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