Ask Your Trainer: How to Stretch (and more)

In this week’s edition of Ask Your Trainer we have compiled a few questions into one category, stretching. There are also some other golden nuggets thrown in at the end so be sure to check this one out.

How do I stretch my back?

My favorite is controlled breathing, and very very slowly reaching for my toes while trying to bend in two, focus on the breathing and where i’m trying to stretch, I stop when I hit my “stretch” zone- James

I also like to get people opened up through their Lats and thoracic spine so have them grab the door way or a post on the rig with one hand (they are facing it) and bend their knees and then round their back a bit so they feel it all along the upper/mid/side of their back- Callie

How do I stretch my knee?

You can’t specifically stretch the knee itself, but I will stretch the hamstrings, foam rolling the t-bands, and typically I will do a few exercises to warm up the muscles around the knee, off-days I will do them to strengthen the muscles…but the real question is why does your knee hurt?  If it’s from working out, you’ll want to take a look at your movement patterns especially on a squat or lunge- James

Does foam rolling help cellulite?

As far as foam rolling being able to roll and reduce cellulite, there are some schools of thought that it does promote tissue quality and blood flow but as far as the direct goal of foam rolling, it’s not to reduce cellulite but instead promote healthy tissue and mobility.- Callie

What does a KB swing work?

Legs and core

How do I increase my abdominal strength?

Core exercises like planks, roll-outs, Turkish Get Ups and remembering to flex the abs on almost all the exercises we do, as most involve the core.- James

Focus on bracing the body as a unit when performing any exercise (especially push ups,swings,  squats or dead lifts). Also exercises that require bracing and anti-rotation like plank variations, Valslide Body Saws, Palloff Presses and Farmers Carries are awesome. – Callie

Bonus Question….

Do the trainers work out together?

YES! Every Friday.