April = Activity

Throughout the month of April we’re focusing on getting more activity in your day.

In theory this is a simple one. In practice, it takes some planning.

Why are we making this a focus and a new challenge issue to you each week?

Even though you come to DPT 2, 3 or 4 days per week, there are a lot of other hours in the week.

That intense and structured exercise is fantastic but the body and the mind thrives on movement.

When you move more, your body feels more awake. You feel more alert. Just think about the times you may have felt groggy but you got up and got some fresh air and sunshine. It’s a game changer.

If you have any chronic stiffness, short breaks for a walk or a stretch (even just around the office) will help.

The idea of more activity is not one that needs a lot of explanation on the “why.”

We know we need to move more. It helps our body, our brain, our joints, our posture and our overall well-being.

Now let’s put it into practice. Because this is essentially a new skill that we’re teaching ourselves, we need to be patient. It won’t be perfect every day and that’s cool because perfect isn’t a thing anyway.

With each weekly challenge that we send your way, just do your best.

If you miss a day or don’t hit the requirement, your effort is the most important. Don’t throw in the towel because you “failed” once. Just learn what will help you to be more successful next time and apply that to the next day or week.

Week 1 (April 1 through April 7)– Hit a minimum of 12k steps per day

Week 2 (April 8 through April 14)- Add a day of conditioning or cardio into this week. Take a walk, a run, a spin class, swim, hike, anything to get moving a structured way.

Week 3 (April 15 through April 21)- Become aware of your activity. It’s a cumulative effect each day. Take the stairs, park further away, get up every hour for a stand or stretch break.

Week 4 (April 22 through April 28)– Run 400m each time you come to DPT, either before or after your session.