A Thought is Harmless BUT My Thoughts Were Killing Me

How many times have you heard this?

“just think positive”

“mind over matter”

Blah, blah, blah….

All of that may work as a short term boost to your mental, but what about making REAL changes?

I used to have crazy amounts of anxiety

(I guess it never goes away, but you figure out ways to channel it and manage it)

Here’s how I did it, and this relates to anything in your life:

Relationships, fitness, losing weight, your job, your family….

Think about this for a second >>>

A thought is harmless until you believe it

We conjure up this B.S. in our heads….

“I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do that exercise” or even better…

“I don’t deserve to be ________ (fill in the blank: in shape, thinner, happier, whatever)

Here’s the deal my friend. Your thoughts either control YOU or you can dig down and actually acknowledge the thought and question, is this really true?

Here’s what one of our clients said about the Durbrow Performance family experience:

One of the best things about DPT is that it can be different things for you at different times, depending on your needs.  At the very minimum, it can be someplace where you “just show up” a few times a week, knowing you’re getting a few good workouts in.  Other times it can be your rehab for an injury.  If you decide to workout a lot but eat crap for 2 years, DPT can get you back on track. Often it can be your reliable dose of positive, encouraging peers during a week when you’re cranky with everyone else in your life.  
At its best, it is a space that can gradually transform your entire outlook, one meal and workout at a time.  Feeling like a badass at least 2-3 times per week should be an RDA requirement. Over time you will notice feeling mentally more open to even nonphysical challenges and more tolerant of disappointments, just knowing that you’re taking basic care of yourself and and staying with these often difficult commitments.  You will look back at where you started in mild disbelief, especially if you have always identified as a “non-athlete” or, in my case, the slow and awkward kid always picked last for the team.  As cheesy as it sounds, DPT is a community that will help you redefine and inspire yourself.


Here’s a link to start taking control (give it a click and answer a few questions):



I’ll talk to you soon. Jumping on a plane to sunny Cali 🙂