33 Lessons Learned Inside the Durbrow Performance Training Walls

Some of our biggest lessons come from struggles or “failures.” I often hesitate to use the word failure because everything is in fact just a lesson. Even though it’s tough and painful at the time, we take a lot from it.

Making a change in your life, stepping into a new program and raising your hand to say YES I need some help, that’s one of the bravest things you can do.

Over the past 6 years we have helped hundreds, probably close to thousands, of people do just that.

I wanted to give you the top 33 lessons that those folks have learned, in their own words.

  1. Give it a shot, at least
  2. You are stronger than you think you are
  3. Nutrition, increase your weights, consistency
  4. Trust in your trainers and fellow DPT’ers, it all works
  5. Just walk in the door, the rest will take care of itself
  6. Make you a priority
  7. Other people can often see our strength and potential before we see it in ourselves
  8. I learned just how important my community (DPT and non-DPT) are to my health
  9. I always thought “I’d never be fit or thin” and DPT proved to me that I can be
  10. It’s okay to start off with modifications, eventually it leads to perfection
  11. Challenge your body, don’t do what’s necessarily easy
  12. When the trainer says, “last round,” they aren’t talk about closing down the bar
  13. Trust the process, it’s going to get easier (before it gets more difficult again)
  14. Good nutrition is essential to reaching your full fitness potential
  15. No matter what type of day your having, working out will still make you feel better. I read the sign every time I enter, walking through the door is the toughest part
  16. Consistency
  17. Trainers can do anything, but only 2 reps
  18. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the right people. I never would have landed on this path if I hadn’t randomly decided to be vulnerable enough to ask for guidance and direction the day I emailed Callie
  19. So many things come to mind! I would say — imagine where you will be in a year if you stop stopping
  20. Fitness, weightloss, etc. isn’t just achieved by balls to the wall cardio which you see a lot of with home workout programs and standard gyms (which is probably why the elliptical, group cardio classes and 30-day fix/P90x programs didn’t do it for me). It’s truly an integration and balance of strength training, conditioning and nutrition
  21. You can change your body and your mind with the right guidance and lots of accountability
  22. Never forget your coffee cup
  23. Never underestimate what you, and your body, can do
  24. Competing with yourself is way more motivating than comparing yourself to someone else
  25. Believe you can do anything
  26. I’ve learned so much! From stretching to how to properly perform exercises. The encouragement to use heavier weights than I thought I could lift has been very helpful as well
  27. Reflecting that you successfully lifted 140 pounds this morning makes it much easier to tolerate abuse or challenges throughout the day
  28. Pain itself cannot actually kill you
  29. Continue to challenge yourself and never say you can’t. …the best version of yourself will shine with consistency, guidance, accountability and proper nutrition
  30. Don’t be afraid to try – you can probably do more than you think you can
  31. Trust the process. It is working, even when you might not be feeling your best
  32. Learned to say what I mean and mean what I say—just going for it. Putting goals down on paper or posting to the world somehow solidifies your intention to do exactly what you say you’re going to do. Get real, get it done, be proud—make a new goal:)
  33. Trust your cat- always