Training and Carb Cycling: Is it For You?



A Deeper Look at Training and Carb Cycling

Uh oh, I said carbs….this post is gonna be evil….

Are you confused about what to eat? Are carbs still bad for you?



Confused again?

The key with carbohydrates is that you have to maximize the timing and the type. You don’t want to avoid them all together but you can’t be shoveling down white rice for dinner on a regular basis just because it tastes good with your stir fry veggies.

I know you’re probably already confused so I don’t want to make it any worse. I want to introduce to you a process called carbohydrate cycling. This is something that I use personally and many of our clients utilize with great success.

I made a video for you which outlines exactly why this works and how you should do it but here’s a quick breakdown.

Carb cycling is essentially manipulating the amount of carbs that you take in on specific days. You want to take in higher amounts on the days that you do some type of strength training and lower amounts on conditioning or rest days.

The best time to take in carbs is in that 2 hour window after your training session.

The best types of carbs for these occasions are berries, sweet potatoes and my favorite post workout drink which is right here.

In a video that I did a few weeks ago I talked about 4 foods you should avoid. Coincidentally they are all carb-type foods so check those out…..

—>4 Foods You Should Avoid if You Want to Lose Fat

There are several reasons for cycling your carbs:

1. Improve insulin sensitivity (your ability to process carbs)

2. Regulate hormones

3. Carbohydrates fuel the body so post-training ingestion is critical for recovery and muscle development

4. It helps to avoid dramatic dips in energy levels

Check out the video below and see how you can implement this strategy into your own fat loss and training plan. It seems kinda tricky but it’s really not tough at all. See how I break it all down.

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