The Top 51 Exercises for Getting Lean and Tight

I have a million exercises in my database. That database is both literal and figurative. I have a huge spreadsheet of exercises and then of course I’ve got the ol’ brain. So, obviously I have to rely on the spreadsheet because I forget A LOT of stuff icon smile The Top 51 Exercises for Getting Lean and Tight

Today I want to give you my top 51 exercises for getting lean, tight and totally bad ass. Check these out and make sure you add them into your training routine:

1-Arm DB Row

Barbell Overhead Press

Battling Ropes

BB Box Squat

BB Front Squat

BB Hip Bridge

BB Romanian Dead Lift

BB Thruster

Bottom’s Up KB Press

Box Jumps

Bulgarian Split Squat


Chin Ups

DB Overhead Press

DB Push Press

DB Reverse Lunge

DB Step Ups

DB Thruster

DB Walking Lunges

Double KB Swing

Dragon Flag

Farmers Walk

Hanging Knee Raise

Jump Squats

KB Alternating Swing

KB Band Swing

KB Double Clean & Press

KB Goblet Squat

KB Push Press

KB Snatch

KB Swing

Lunge Jumps

Physio Ball Ab Roll-Out

Power Wheel Ab Tuck

Power Wheel Roll Out


Pull Ups

Push Ups

Ring or TRX Rows

Ring Push Ups

Sandbag Walking Lunges

Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift (KB or DB)

Single Leg Squat

Skater Squat

Slide Board

Tire Flips

Trap Bar Dead Lift

Turkish Get Up

Valslide Body Saw

Valslide Fly Push Up

Valslide Mountain Climbers

If you have any other bad ass exercises that you love, leave them in the comment section below icon smile The Top 51 Exercises for Getting Lean and Tight