Somerville Training Spotlight Sunday: Chrissy C.

I have always been the LEAST athletic person out there. Never played a sport while growing up. I’ll  miss the bus before running to catch it. I like watching some sports – from a safe distance- but the idea of participating in a contact sport or any type of activity that requires movement has always made me feel tired before I even motion to stand up. I’m the one who loves going to baseball and hockey games but shamefully ducks whenever a fly ball goes into the stands or puck flies over the glass. Even when I’m in the nosebleed seats.

So the idea of starting small group personal training scared me a little. (OK, a lot.) But I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Prior to joining I had tried everything- Weight Watchers, random “healthy” diets, plans to go on long walks multiple times a week, I’d done one on one personal training a number of times, and joined countless gyms and bought multiple packages for yoga that I would attend in spurts. Nothing ever seemed to hold my attention or provide results that would last.

So one day last summer in a state of utter exasperation I googled “Cambridge Personal Trainer”and stumbled upon Callie. I filled out the info on her website and quite honestly forgot about it until she emailed me back and arranged for a consultation. Before I knew it the ball was rolling and there I was in a training session doing things that I had no idea that I was capable of doing. But I quickly learned that I could do them and continued to add more and more exercises and strength building to my repertoire.

That was eight months ago and I have seen pretty incredible transformations to my body (22 inches, over 10% body fat, 15 pounds body fat, and I’ve gained 10 pounds in lean tissue) but most importantly I feel stronger and more confident than I have in years.  

Working out with Callie and Emily is actually fun. The other members of the gym are incredible and inspiring and I feel very connected to many of them. Their kindness and support have encouraged me to try new things; to go up in weight when I thought I couldn’t possibly lift another pound, jump higher when I felt terrified of falling, and achieve physical accomplishments that felt completely out of my reach. It’s funny, but after these past several months, I’m starting to see myself as athletic all because of the support, encouragement and training provided by the trainers and team at DPT.

And the other day I actually surprised myself and ran to catch the bus and noticed I wasn’t gasping for air when I got there. Who knew?

Here’s Chrissy before….

Chrissy before side


Here’s Chrissy after….

Chrissy side after