Are You Doing This (hint: you should stop)

I caught myself doing this.
Everyone does it. It’s hard to get out of your comfort zone, so we all kind of do “this” once and a while.
What the hell am I talking about today?
I’m talking about when you have a plan and you “kind of” follow the directions.
Let me give you an example. Sometimes I design my own workouts but sometimes I have someone else do it for me. I’ll either hire a coach or seek out a pre-written program that is designed for my goals.
The program is all written out, perfectly simple and ready to follow and then I say to myself I’ll just switch out this exercise. 
I’ll just do lunges instead of step ups. 
I hate step ups.
Why am I changing the program, not following the simple rules?
It’s putting me out of my comfort zone. I have to do an exercise that’s hard and that I don’t like.
No big deal, I’ll just switch it.
Are lunges just as hard? Yes, probably, but that’s not the point.
You will start to see this little trend creep in to other aspects. Are you supposed to try and hit 60 grams of fat per day but you “just” have that one more scoop of almond butter which puts you over your target?
It won’t make a big difference.
Maybe not that day, but the next day and the next day, it sure as hell will.
Following the directions seems like a simple concept but when those directions put you out of your comfort zone, it becomes human nature to just make an exception here and there.
Guess what happens then?
Your results become slower and slower.
Next time you think about making what may seem like a little exception or change, think for a minute about why you’re actually doing it.
If you have a perfectly good program right in front of you, don’t make changes. It may be uncomfortable at first but you have to trust the process.
Don’t fall back into your old ways and what’s comfortable.
Getting results is much more than just changing your body. You have to break down the barriers and the small, day-to-day things that are adding up to form your habits and that are slowing your progress.
Take this into action this week and be more conscious of your thoughts and choices.