Somerville Personal Training Client of the Month: Pete Griffith

Congratulations to our July Client of the Month at Durbrow Performance Training, Pete Griffith!

Pete has been training with us since May of 2013. He came into the training family after some encouragement from his girlfriend Liz. During our Spring team contest, Pete signed up and we talked about exactly how to get him to gain some lean muscle and drop a bit of body fat. We were going to be more focused on the former because he didn’t have a whole lot to lose.

Pete was a great fit from the start, always motivated and excited to try new exercises and improve from week to week.

After a month we re-tested his body fat and he had dropped 3.5%. That was the real turning point for him and he started stepping up the game even more, always looking to increase weight, try a higher box on his jumps and just push himself to get stronger and faster every workout.


After the next measurement there was another 1.5% drop in body fat, not to shabby for someone who came in at 16% to begin with 🙂

Pete is now ramping up his kettlebell exercises and working on conquering the 42″ box jump. I know he’ll get there in no time.

Congrats again Pete and thanks for all of your hard work!

Pete COM