October 18th Strength Training Session





Yesterday I hit up a strength training session at my gym. As I spoke about in my earlier post this week, I’m doing a lot of tempo work in my sessions. Every exercise is done with a 4-0-X-0 tempo so every eccentric (lowering) phase is done for 4 seconds, keeping some serious tension on the muscles.

Today’s training session was as follows:

A1. Barbell Hip Thrust 4×6
A2. TRX Rows w/Chains 4×6

B1. BB Good Mornings 4×8
B2.  Incline DB Rows 4×6
B3. EZ Bar Bicep Curls 4×8

C1. Sledgehammer Tire Strikes :30/:30 x10 rounds

Here’s a quick video in fast forward mode…..